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You Better Beelieve, We're Trying New Things.
Baby Steps
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You Better Beelieve, We're Trying New Things.

Like any business savvy person, we like to try our hand at all new techniques that arise in the wine industry. So, we have stepped out on a limb and are attempting to make mead wine. What is mead wine you say? Mead wines are produced using pure honey rather than grapes or any other fruit. Though all other ingredients are the same mead unlike the standard timeline for wine fermentation(4-6 months) takes a year before being consumption ready. Also, one process does veer from standard winemaking, the yeast must be rehydrated by adding water and allowing it to become acclimated to the new environs.

Baby Steps

So its been way too long since the last time I have posted, going forward I will do my best to keep you upto date on the progress of Arri'bin Hills. Check back with us often and be apart of the journey.

Small Steps....

When building a business every accomplishment no matter how small is major acknowledgement of your efforts, that being said August/September 2013 we entered the Oklahoma State Fair Wine Competition. Our expectations were not great but atleast we would have some idea of where our wine stood in the rapidly growing industry.

Get To Know Us...

   Hi friends, my name is Gloria Corbin, the founder of Arribin Hills Winery. I'm glad you have made the choice to get to know us better. By the time you finish reading this blog I hope you feel more connected to our company.
   Rooted in family togetherness and prosperity for generations to come, our company like most business' started with an idea. The Idea originated in 2008, when my brother suggested we grow grapes and start a winery. I thought it sounded fun but of course like most things discussed idly with my bother over the phone I didn't really give it much thought.
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